Dr. Randolph’s background as a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist and board-certified coach makes him uniquely trained to help his clients understand the best ways to promote brain and cognitive health. For example, did you know that regularly exercising and staying mentally stimulated can significantly reduce the risk of dementia? These activities can also slow one’s rate of cognitive decline and improve quality of life.

Dr. Randolph’s approach to cognitive health coaching and consulting is based on his seminal book on cognitive health, Positive Neuropsychology: Evidence-Based Perspectives on Promoting Cognitive Health, with a particular emphasis on lifestyle changes associated with stronger cognitive abilities and overall quality of life. These ideas and related applications in daily life are further clarified in his forthcoming book, The Brain Health Book: Using the Power of Neuroscience to Improve Your Life.

His services include training individuals and groups in the science and strategies that make the brain work better, incorporating changes through ongoing coaching, maintaining these improvements over time, and clarifying ways to prevent cognitive problems in the future. He is available to train staff at independent and assisted living facilities in these methods so that they can use related approaches with their own clients.

Dr. Randolph is also a dynamic and award-winning speaker who translates his expertise into inspiring presentations and workshops for independent/assisted residential facilities and community groups. Recent presentation topics include the impact of lifestyle activities on cognitive health, maintaining cognitive health as we age, the state-of-the-art science of brain and cognitive health, brain plasticity, enhancing emotional intelligence, the neuroscience of leadership, and optimizing employee and organizational well-being. Click here to learn about Dr. Randolph's New Hampshire Psychological Association workshop on promoting cognitive health.

How can brain health consulting improve your quality of life or enhance your facility's wellness programming? Contact Dr. Randolph for a complimentary consultation.