If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.
— John Quincy Adams

Dr. Randolph’s approach to executive coaching is client-driven, collaborative, and results-oriented. He serves to empower executives to function more effectively in their roles using strategies honed from his extensive expertise in behavior change and positive habit formation. He also translates his and others’ research on the brain’s “executive functions”—including planning, self-reflection, and effective strategy use—to mobilize leaders’ effectiveness and productivity.  Some of the many benefits of coaching include:

  • Enhancing interpersonal and organizational skills

  • Identifying critical areas for future development

  • Learning to effectively manage work relationships across levels

  • Navigating new roles or career changes

  • Creating a more satisfying and rewarding work life

Did you know that many studies have documented the benefits of coaching? For example, one study found that 94% of executives being coached reported better understanding of others, 85% became more sensitive to others, and 71% developed a better work-life balance. Another study by the Manchester Consulting Group found that when being coached for 6-12 months, the average ROI for executives was 5.7 times the coaching fees, or a return of $100,000+ per coaching assignment.

How effective can coaching be for you or your colleagues? Contact Dr. Randolph today for a complimentary consultation.

Benefits of coaching:

Understanding of others

Sensitivity to others

Work-life balance